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Get the Code

[xt_latest_projects columns="4" show_title="yes" show_excerpt="yes" num="4"]
[xt_latest_projects_mansory columns="3" show_title="yes" show_excerpt="yes" num="6"]

Shortcode Options

  • Display your latest projects in different columns and in two layout modes!
  • show_title – yes or no, display or not the project title
  • show_excerpt – yes or no, display or not the project excerpt
  • columns – 2, 3 or 4
  • categories – use comma-separated filters slugs to filter the results
  • excerpt_chars – define the max chars number at excerpt
  • num – the number of projects to show
  • portfolio – type here comma-separated portfolio slugs to get only from these ones
  • offset – define the offset, that means display starting from… project